Fungicide for protection against powdery mildew and botrytis in grapes and vegetables as well as scab in pome fruit

Product description

VitiSan® is a fungicide based on potassium bicarbonate with compelling advantages against powdery mildew and botrytis in grapes. VitiSan® also controls powdery mildew in vegetables as well as scab and sooty blotch in pome fruit.


VitiSan® is a contact fungicide with both preventive and curative effect. Upon contact with the VitiSan® spray cover spores of fungal diseases disintegrate and dry out preventing infection of the plant. Furthermore the alkaline character of VitiSan® changes pH of the plant surface to the disadvantage of the fungi. Due to its unspecific mode of action the formation of resistance to VitiSan® is not possible.




Pome Fruit

Application Details

Scab, sooty blotch, fruit rot:

2.5 kg/ha and meter crown height in combination with wettable sulphur. Start applications at walnut size (BBCH 74).


Application Details

Powdery mildew, botrytis:

8 - 10 kg/ha. 3 - 4 applications from end of flowering (BBCH 68) until softening of berries (BBCH 85).

Application details

VitiSan® can be sprayed together with copper products (recommended only for viticulture), wettable sulphur and most conventional botryticides and oidiumfungicides. VitiSan® is not miscible with acid clay minerals such as Myco-Sin® and XenTari®. Combinations with plant oils may have phytotoxic effects on leaves especially in pome fruit.

Product Details

Waiting Period

No waiting period. Residue-free. Friendly to beneficial insects.


Keep dry and cool. Shelf life at least 24 months. VitiSan® is hygroscopic and can harden, but without any reduction in efficacy.


25 kg

Additional Information

Vitisan Safety data sheet (64.5 KiB)

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