Plant strengthening agent for cereals which are susceptible to infection by common bunt

Product description

Tillecur® is a plant strengthening agent based on the flour of white mustard. Applied as a seed treatment Tillecur® improves health and vitality of the young cereal plants and stimulates the resistance of germinating cereals which are susceptible to common bunt. 




Application Details

Tillecur® is used for dressing seeds and can be applied either dry or moist. Winter wheat is treated either dry or moist depending on spore load. Summer wheat can be treated dry on principle while spelt should be treated moist due to the husk.

Dry application:
1.5 kg Tillecur® thoroughly mixed with 100 kg seeds. 

Moist application:
1 kg Tillecur® thoroughly mixed with 5 L water avoiding lumps. Then the slurry is mixed with 100 kg seeds.

Following application seeds can be sown directly. Respect reduced flowability in case of moist treatment. It is also possible to store treated seeds without loss of efficacy over several weeks. In case of moist treatment seeds need to be stored open and flat for redrying before storage.

Product Details


Keep dry. Shelf life at least 36 months.


3 kg, 10 kg, 25 kg

Additional Information

Tillecur Safety data sheet (69.4 KiB)

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