Equisetum Plus

Plant strengthening agent for increasing plant defense mechanisms against fungal disease in viticulture, fruit and vegetable growing

Product description

Equisetum Plus is a liquid extract of the common horsetail (Equisetum arvense). The main constituents of Equisetum Plus are herbaceous silicic acid and sulphur compounds. They harden the cuticle by incorporation of silicic acid into the epidermal cell wall. This makes it more difficult for pathogens to penetrate the plant tissue.

Equisetum Plus is used for foliar and fruit treatment. Especially on plants which are susceptible to powdery mildew and botrytis Equisetum Plus serves as a prophylactic and health stimulating treatment. Equisetum Plus does not leave any residues on the plant and is absolutely nontoxic, allowing crops to be treated until shortly before harvest.



Application details

4 – 6 L/ha at a concentration of 1 % v / v. 2 applications before and 3 – 4 applications after flowering as a supplement to standard treatment.

3 – 5 L/ha at a concentration of 1 % v / v. 2 treatments between bunch closure and ripening of grapes.


Application details

1 % v / v. Spray every 7 – 10 days.

Application details

Ensure even coverage of the plant from all sides. It is advisable to spray at sunshine as a quick drying of the spray liquid enhances fungistatic effect.

Product details


Keep frost-free and at a dark place. Shelf-life at least 24 months if stored at room temperature.


1 L, 10 L, 25 L

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