Fungicide for curative apple scab control

Product description

CURATIO® is based on the active ingredient lime sulphur and is suited for controlling fungal diseases like scab, sooty blotch, Marssonina and powdery mildew especially in organic orchards but also in the integrated production it is more and more a part of the strategy. Particularly in years with heavy rainfall and continuing leaf wetness duration fungal diseases including apple scab (Venturia inaequalis) can develop to a level where they threaten economic viability. Contact fungicides lose their effectiveness as their contact layer is washed off during rain. Therefore the use of a curative fungicide is essential.

CURATIO® with its unique mode of action is the only curative fungicide in organic fruit production which is able to protect apples during long-lasting rainfalls without to expect resistance. The alkaline reaction of CURATIO® causes the hydrolysis of lipids in the fungal cells and thus facilitates the permeation of the active component calcium polysulfide through the cell wall. Once inside the cell the active ingredient hinders the normal metabolism and interferes with the citric acid cycle (Krebs cycle). This effect is not only caused by the active ingredient, but also by its metabolite elemental sulphur which is a well-known and effective fungicide. After drying CURATIO® forms a contact layer of elemental sulphur with a good rain stability and good protective effect.




Pome Fruit

Application Details

Depending on the current valid registration in the respective country.

CURATIO® could also be used as a thinning agent in pome fruit during flowering. For a good thinning effect the application rate should be raised up to 10 L/ha and meter crown height depending on environmental conditions and quality / quantity of flowers. Application rates up to 8 L/ha and meter crown height will not cause thinning.

Stone Fruit

Application Details

CURATIO® can be used as a thinning agent in stone fruit. For good thinning of flowers the application rate can be raised up to 15 L/ha and meter crown height depending on environmental conditions and quality / quantity of flowers

Application details

CURATIO® should be applied as a single treatment. Because of its high alkaline character
(≈ pH 10.8) a tank mix with other products is not recommended.

Exception: Only miscible with AlgoVital Plus (algae Ascophyllum nodosum) during the sensitive critical russeting period (4 application between BBCH 65-71 with 2-2,5 l/ha and mCH)

→ to reduce russeting

Product details

Waiting period

No waiting period. Bee-friendly.


Keep dry. Shelf life at least 36 months.


20 L, 200 L, 1,000 L


Safety data sheet is available upon request.

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